Cheekie - Crochet Handmade With Love

Crafted Between Games: Elite Volleyball Skills Meet Handmade Crochet Excellence. Custom Designs Inspired by the Sand and Sea, Made Especially for You!

Why Cheekie Handmade Crochet?

Merging my love for beach volleyball and crochet, I've found a unique way to fuel my largely self-funded sports career. Each handmade crochet piece combines aesthetics and practicality, mirroring my game on the sand. With every purchase, you're not just getting a piece of unique art - you're also supporting my journey on the volleyball court.

Own Unique Artistry.
Acquire handmade crochet items, crafted with precision and athlete's dedication, that merge utility with the spirit of the beach.
Create Together.
Use my custom order service to bring your visions to life. Here, you're not just a customer — you're a teammate.
Support An Athlete's Dream.
Every purchase directly fuels my beach volleyball career, making you a part of my journey.
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